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Wrapping an antenna in one piece of vinyl film is easy if you have a clear mind regarding what you are doing. But wrapping a curvy antenna like one on a Rolls Royce Ghost will require the correct approach and techniques. Here are how you can do it:


The prep

If the project needs roof wrapping, too, it is better to wrap the roof before you get to the antenna. When you start handling the antenna, remember to clean it thoroughly first.


Then, you should apply masking tape around the bottom of the part. Doing this can help avoid scratching the vinyl film you put on the roof and lower the surface energy simultaneously, so you can pick the material up and stretch it smoothly.


Start from the steepest part

When wrapping the antenna with vinyl film, slightly tack the material from the back of it (on the roof), and add light heat to relax it before pulling. Then, you can pull the piece gently towards the front in a triangle shape, anchoring it right at the upper tip of the antenna.


Next, put on your application glove and work the vinyl down on one side from the top. Shift the tension out incrementally during the process, and use your free hand to continue spreading the material out. Doing this can help you avoid overstretching the film and getting adhesive lines.


You should apply light heat several times during the process. When doing it, wave your heat gun instead of directly heating any area. Adding too much heat to the material is not a good idea.


Switch to squeegee

As you work the vinyl film down and it gets even, you will gradually reach the flatter section at the bottom. When you do, you can switch to a soft squeegee to do it. Tuck the material properly at the bottom when you get to the base of the antenna.


When you finish one side, deal with the other using the same technique. Then, handle the rear side of the antenna properly at last. The key is to shift the tension out as you wrap.


Heat and shrink

Once every part is done, use a micro squeegee to tuck the material into the base again bit by bit. Then, you should trigger the memory of the film with heat. And the vinyl will shrink under the bottom of the antenna and make a perfect full coverage.


You can warm up the whole section with heat when all edges are relax. This is not a post-heat but will activate the adhesive and let the film stay there better. When the material cools down, you can then post-heat it. Be sure you do it at the right temperature for the best result.


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Vinyl wrapping curvy antenna | TeckWrap