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There are some tricky parts on vehicles for vinyl wrapping, and they are difficult to be wrapped in one piece of film for the long term, as the tension built on the material will be massive. The front bumper of a Porsche 968 CS is such a section.


There are three vent sections on the front, one at the top and two at the bottom, with severe compound curves on their sides. It is best to use the help of inlays around these areas during vinyl installation. Here are some tips for you:


Locate the inlay

Knowing where the inlay should go beforehand is essential for achieving a seamless finish. You can use a scrap piece of vinyl wrap film to bridge over the vent – There is no need to cover the whole vent. You can test on the left side first, then repeat the same process on the right. Thus, A small piece is enough. But please make sure you cover up the curvy side as well.


Once the film is on, run your finger along the body line to set the film tight to the surface. Then, sharpen your blade to make a relief cut along the top edge and the curve on the side (leave the bottom edge uncut). Then, use your finger to run along the bottom edge again to secure it. You can now feed the vinyl into the middle area. The curvy area is exposed as the film gets set to the surface. That is where you should put the inlay on. Mark it with a dry-erase marker.


Create templates with scrap

You can cut off a small scrap that is roughly the size of the curvy area. Put Knifeless tape around the curvy side and apply this precut piece. Form it properly. You can use heat when it needs. As soon as it is set, release the tape, and you will have a precise template for the inlay in this area.


Repeat the process for the six curvy sides on the three vent sections. Get them done first. And you can install the main piece for the front bumper with no hassle. Keep learning at
Create vinyl inlay for Porsche front bumper | TeckWrap