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What leads to a successful paint protection film installation? A proper workflow and correct approach are the keys. Here are some tips about what you should pay attention to when applying PPF.



Whether installing a paint protection film or a color-change vinyl wrap film, cleaning is always the first step to success. Clean thoroughly can let the material stay well on the surface for the long term.


Before applying PPF, spray the surface with soaping water. To increase efficiency, you can also add a little bit of alcohol to the spray. You can clean and degrease at the same time in this way.


Once the surface is clean, you can spray slip solution on it. Remember to choose or create the right slip solution accordingly, or it might lead to an opposite result. Fold up a clay bar towel and spray it with the solution. Then, use it to wipe over the surface.


A clay bar towel can effectively hold the moisture for you. And you wipe on the surface with no stress. Remove any specks or contaminant on the paint at this stage.


Prep with slip solution

Once the surface is clean, spray the solution onto it again. This time, use your squeegee to run over the section from top to bottom. The reason why you should use a squeegee instead of a towel is that it can help you prevent getting lint on the area.



When the preparation is done, you can take the paint protection film to the vehicle. Put it on an area near the application surface (where you should spray slip solution on it so the piece can stay on the surface) with the adhesive side facing out.


Doing this near the application surface can help you avoid getting dirt on the PPF because you will remove the liner at this point. Then, spray the adhesive side with your slip solution – spray it on the application surface too. Pick the material up and put it right on the area.


If you use a precise precut piece, you should now align it to the section properly, and make sure it is symmetrical on every side. Once the paint protection film is in the right position, use your hand to spread the solution evenly under the material.



Next, it is squeegee time. When squeegeeing, do not press hard on the PPF. Using even pressure can keep the piece from shifting during the process. Do it from top to bottom. The moisture will get pushed out in this way.


Once it is done, use a microfiber towel to wipe along all edges, and double-check if everything is set. And there you have it. Installing a paint protection film should be a reasonably stress-free job when you follow the correct protocol. Keep learning and enjoy smooth wrapping experiences at
Crucial tips for PPF installation | TeckWrap