Three simple ways to create temporary hinge

Learn the Three Simple Ways to Create Temporary Hinge When Wrapping with Vinyl Wrap Film


Creating a temporary hinge is a great place to start everything when wrapping a vehicle with vinyl wrap film. Only with a temporary hinge can you know where to make a permanent one and secure the material in place.


There are many ways to create a temporary hinge, here are three simple and beneficial methods.



Magnet is an excellent tool to create a temporary hinge. You can simply place it on the vinyl wrap film – sometimes, you would need two to three of them, depending on the situation. Once they are on top of the material, you can adjust or fold the material on the vehicle quickly and easily.


Masking Tape

Apart from magnets, masking tape is another option. It is not the best tool for a full print vinyl wrap film as a full print wrap is heavy, and the masking tape can not hold it well. However, when you conduct a project like installing cut vinyl – especially letters on a vehicle, masking tape is a great help. You can create a long strip with the masking tape and apply the letters to the surface with no stress.


Creating Half Circle

The third way to create temporary hinges is rather handy compared to the two above, as your hand is all it needs. First, hold the vinyl wrap film up, and tear a half-circle off from the backing paper. Now, if you stick this piece to a vehicle, the half-circle will become a strong temporary hinge.


Feel free to squeegee it onto the surface and experience it yourself! This method is particularly good for truck or bus wrapping, where you cannot quite use magnets. However, you should ensure the vinyl wrap film comes with a good quality backing paper when using this method. Otherwise, it will create a big mess for you.


So here are the three simple ways to create a temporary hinge. Choose the one that suits your situation accordingly. Hopefully, when there are more options, there are higher chances you will achieve a perfect finish. Keep learning at



Three simple ways to create temporary hinge