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A Rolls Royce hood has nothing funky. Thus, it should be smooth to wrap. However, there is a chrome molding in the middle, which is easy to bend if you take it off - and it is costly to replace.


Here are some tips for wrapping this hood with vinyl wrap film without removing the molding. By doing this, you can increase your wrapping efficiency while achieving a perfect result.



Cleaning is essential for every installation. Thus, clean and degrease it thoroughly. When doing it, use a soft microfiber towel to avoid scratching the paint accidentally.


Once the surface is ready, it is time to get the molding ready. Run a Knifeless tape around it carefully. Then, apply three layers of masking tape on the molding surface. You should certainly keep it safe as you leave it on the hood.



When the preparation is done, you can apply vinyl wrap film to the surface as normal. When the material is in place, lock it in the middle to create a hinge with your squeegee. Then, you can work to the sides from the center.


If there is a cap sheet on the film, do not remove it until both sides are set, as the squeegee can create tiny scratches during the process. Removing the liner afterwards can ensure a clear and smooth surface.


Next, sharpen your blade and cut along the center of the chrome molding. This is essentially a relief cut. And because you put three layers of masking tape during the prep phase and use a sharp blade, it is safe to cut in this way.


You can then pick the material up from the middle with your free hand, and use the other hand to squeegee and tuck the vinyl wrap film to the base of the molding.


Since the cap sheet is off by now, it is better to use a wet buffer when doing it, which can help you avoid any scratches created by your squeegee.


Once the middle part is done, you can open the hood and deal with the edge. Add light heat to relax it when handling it. And make relief cuts when it needs.


There is a recessed area underneath. But there is no need to overwrap the whole part of it. Thus, you can apply Knifeless tape just to the point where you should cover up. By not overwrapping, it can also help you ensure efficiency.


The rest of the application is no big different than other installations. Just handle it as usual. Cut off the excess when everything is done, seal all edges and double-check for wrinkles and bubbles. And there you have it.


There are many more articles about wrapping a particular section without removing the hardware on the TeckWrap site. With the proper techniques, installing this way can provide you with a smooth experience and high efficiency. Check out to learn more about this.
Rolls Royce Ghost: Hood wrapping | TeckWrap