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Removing a vinyl wrap film from a vehicle can be difficult, especially if it is wrapped around all edges. Here are some tips for you to achieve a clean and efficient removal. Let’s take an example of a hood, as it is quite a big application surface, and it can be tricky to take off such a big piece of vinyl wrap film.


Section it up

If it is hard to remove a giant panel, the most convenient way should be sectioning it up before the removal. Sharpen your knife first, and you will give some light touches on the vinyl wrap film with the sharp blade.


(Cutting directly on the surface is always risky. If you need more confidence, test with a scrap piece on a working table to find the proper pressure you should use with your knife.)


Cut around the top edge of the hood, and make several vertical cuts on the main surface as if you are creating stripes. Just use your blade to touch the film and score it lightly.


You do not have to really cut through it. If the material does not break, you can make another cut later. The key at this stage is to scratch the film and help you find the starting point to peel it off.


Take it off

You can start from the edge near the windshield. Find your starting point and remove a bit of the film at the top. You will then have access to the “stripes” on the main surface area.


When you peel the film off, do it fast to ensure a clean removal. And if you find a big piece that is not separated properly, make another cut in the right direction to split it into stripes first.


Once the hood is done, removing the film on other sections should be easy. If you have trouble with a particular area, add heat to the material and try again. The material should come off smoothly. Learn more about wraps at
Remove vinyl wrap with zero stress and high efficiency | TeckWrap