Quick way to wrap around emblems with vinyl wrap film

For most vehicles, the model will be presented somewhere on the car in the form of emblems. And it is very energy-consuming to wrap around this area with vinyl wrap film.


If it is an old car, you might have to spend extra time removing those emblems and cleaning the surface before applying the vinyl wrap film, as there might be a lot of adhesive residues underneath… In some cases, these frustrations are actually unnecessary.


If you are wrapping the car for the short-term, for instance, with a commercial purpose, and the color of the vinyl wrap film around the emblem area is relatively closed to the color of the paint – For example, you might be wrapping with a full print wrap on a white car, where the particular part of the wrap for this area is white, too, you can simply have the emblems stay, and use Knifeless tape to solve the problem.


Here is how you can do it:

Use Design line Knifeless tape to create an overall outline of the emblem chunk, matching the edge of the tape to the edge of the emblems. Make sure the contour you create is even and symmetrical, though. Thus, be patient and do it slowly.


When the Knifeless tape is ready, apply the vinyl wrap film to the section and work it around as usual. Squeegee down the material to the base of the side of the emblems.


Sharpen your blade, and use just the tip of it to cut around those emblems. Do not cut directly on them, but let the edge of the blade glide around. This can also help prevent you from cutting the Knifeless tape underneath. Once you finish, pull off the excess piece on top of the emblems.


Use your squeegee to set the film down to the side of the emblems. Start squeegeeing from the corners and to the middle, forming the film well around those emblems. And you can release the Knifeless tape, pulling off the string. Then, remove the green tape as well as the excess film on the side of the emblems.


By now, everything is almost done. Do not forget to apply a little bit of heat and seal all the edges before moving on to the next stage, though.


Now you have a clean wrap around the emblem chunk without having to spend extra energy on removing each of them and dealing with the potential fuss. Learn more tips to wrap quickly and easily at teckwrap.com

Quick way to wrap around emblems with vinyl wrap film