Post-Install: One Step Away from Successful Finish


When you wrap up a vehicle from top to bottom with vinyl wrap film, it is never a “wrap up” just yet. There are actions you have to take immediately to ensure the performance of the material, including quality and durability.


Thorough Check-Over

Although you are supposed to go over each section as you wrap to make sure it is well done, you need a complete check-over again once you finish wrapping the whole car with vinyl wrap film. You might have missed something that you did not notice before, for example, bubbles and wrinkles. Thus, have your heat gun prepared, you can refine your work at this stage so that those imperfections will not lead to problems over time.



As soon as you go over the entire vehicle with the vinyl wrap film on, you will need to take time to post heat. Post heating is something that is often neglected. But wherever that is stretched over 15% and not post heated, it will jump out over time. Thus, it is nothing good for long-term durability at all. Post heating is going to help you lower this risk.


Reinstall Hardware

Hardware installation should be done after post-heating. Be patient and cautious as you put the parts back to the vehicle. You surely do not want to scratch the material, because you will have to re-do the work again if it happens. When all the hardware is settled again, check and make sure they are working properly.


Heal the Surface

When you do the check-over, you might realize there are scratches caused by your squeegee on the vinyl wrap film. Now it is the time to use heat to seal this kind of scratches. You can use a heat gun or propane torch to do it, depending on the type of film.


Protection for the Edges

The area that is near to the wheels and bottom part of the bumper are the two sections that can easily be contaminated, affecting the long-term durability of the material. So it is better to seal them with another level of protection. You can coat the edge of the fender with an edge sealer, and a line of lamination tape underneath the edge of the bumper. Both will prevent dirt and contaminant from getting underneath the wrap.



Now for the final step: aftercare. Wipe down the vehicle with aftercare products and a microfiber towel. When you use aftercare products, make sure you use them according to the type of film you have.


Once you go through all these post-install steps, your finish will be raised to another level, giving you a high-quality and durable perfect result. Learn more wrap tips at

Post-Install: One Step Away from Successful Finish