Hot or cold? Make vinyl wrapping under control|TeckWrap

Climate matters a lot for the durability of vinyl film, as it can affect the life span of a car wrap. In the same way, the temperature in a wrapping space can determine whether a wrapper can achieve a high-quality finish. Either too hot or too cold is not the proper environment for vinyl wrapping.


Too hot

For a particularly hot workspace, installing a vehicle wrap might take longer, and it is easy to overstretch the film. Also, the material is heated up by the temperature in this situation, and its performance can be affected. In this case, if you cut on a curvy area, the cut can turn out uneven, even though you have done everything right.


A freezing spray can be a great help in this situation. But if your workshop is too hot, the ultimate solution might be getting air conditioning. Because, after all, the hot temperature can bring up lots of potential problems besides cutting.


Too cold

On the other hand, wrapping in a cold environment can also take a long time to install a car wrap. Even worse, the material becomes fragile because it is too cold. So they can easily split or tear, especially if you are wrapping with a vinyl film with low surface energy.


In this case, you might want to consider investing in a heater. This sounds like an extra cost. But in the long run, a heater can help you avoid lots of potential problems and save you from unnecessary loss. So it is surely beneficial to do.


Always set your workshop at the right temperature. Because if it isn’t right, the vehicle wrap will not turn out the way you want, even though you have got every step perfectly during the application. Learn more about car wrap at

Hot or cold? Make vinyl wrapping under control|TeckWrap