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For specific custom vinyl wrapping projects, you might have a full print matte vinyl film that needs gloss lamination on several small graphic sections to create a unique visual effect.


You can either do it with precut overlaying lamination pieces or use Knifeless tape to trim directly on the material. (Cutting with a knife on the surface is not recommended)


This sounds like a simple job, but there are certain things you should pay attention to during the process. Here are some tips for you:


Cleaning is still a must

Whenever you need to put vinyl on something, cleaning is necessary. Thus, before laminating the matte car wrap, clean the surface thoroughly. Make sure you degrease it properly.


Laminate with precut pieces

If you choose to cut the laminating pieces beforehand, do it on a working table for precision. Once you finish cutting, bring the precut piece to the vehicle, and line it up to the section you need to overlay.


Secure the piece with your hand, and take wide masking tape to secure it in the middle: Put one piece at the top and another at the bottom. This can create a temporary hinge for you in the center.


Next, put one more masking tape on one side to help you release the liner. Doing this can help you avoid touching the adhesive side of the lamination directly and leaving fingerprints on it, which can be obvious as soon as you finish the overlay.


Once you release half of the liner, flip the lamination layer to the other side and cut away the part of the liner you release. Then, use your squeegee to secure the overlay in place.


When you finish this side, remove the masking tape on that side, put it on the other side, and repeat the same process until both sides are set tight.


Use Knifeless tape

Using Knifeless tape in this situation can be even more convenient. All you need to do is run the tape around the shape you need to overlay and apply the lamination layer on top straight away. Work with your squeegee until the layer is set correctly. Then, release the tape and the excess. You do not even need to worry about getting fingerprints with this method.


Here are the two ways you can perfectly laminate sections on a matte vinyl wrap. Learn more wrapping knowledge at for a better application experience.

Laminate matte vinyl sections with gloss pieces | TeckWrap