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As cars need regular cleaning, a vinyl wrap film needs proper maintenance too. There are many aftercare products in the market that are easy to use. Spray them on your car wrap once in a while, wipe them off, and you can keep the material in good shape for the long term.


Ceramic coating: Energy saving protection

But some people who are tired of spending this time or can hardly have the time to maintain a vinyl wrap film usually choose to apply ceramic coating to the material right after it is installed.


With a seal on the surface, ceramic coating can protect the vehicle wrap effectively from dirt and moisture. As the surface energy lowers, things can barely stick on the surface. To some extent, it can even reduce the UV damage to the material and keep its appearance fresh for a longer time.


Note that the coating will change the color

However, the ceramic coating can affect the color or hue of the vinyl wrap film, depending on the type of material. Thus, it is crucial to think twice before you choose to use it. If you cannot accept the final outcome, you better try a traditional way to protect your car wrap.


For all the commonly used vinyl wrap films like gloss, matte, chrome, and carbon, ceramic coating affects them differently. You should always take a sample piece to test out and see if it is what you want with the coating on.


Before and after

You can do it by putting a thin masking tape in the center of the sample piece, and separating it into two sections. Then, apply the coating to one of them. You will tell the difference easily.


When applying, use an applicator wrapped in a microfiber towel to evenly spread the coating on the surface. Do it from top to bottom and side to side. Once the area is covered with ceramic coating, buffer it out before it is dry.


(If it is a carbon wrap film, you should make sure the coating is applied properly to both the peaks and valleys. You can repeat the process if necessary.)


You can then remove the masking tape and compare to two areas:

  • Gloss car wrap

For gloss vinyl film, the color on the part with ceramic coating becomes much deeper and richer. So the coating brings an even more gloss look to it.

  • Matte car wrap

To some people’s surprise, the ceramic coating makes the color of matte vinyl film look lighter.

  • Carbon wrap film

As for carbon film, the part with the coating looks darker.

  • Chrome car wrap

With the comparison, you will find a chrome vinyl film without ceramic coating look duller. The two areas appear to be like different materials.


As soon as you understand how the coating will affect the look of a vinyl wrap film, you can have your judgment wisely, and find the best solution to prolong the lifespan of your wrap. Learn more wrap tips at

How does ceramic coating affect different vinyl wrap films | TeckWrap