Full Coverage Under Back Light with Vinyl Wrap Film


When wrapping around a front light or back light with vinyl wrap film, it is challenging to wrap underneath, as there is a deep gap, and it is tricky to get your wrap fully covered there.


Most wrappers tend to make their cut on the side of the light. However, the extra material you have left from this cut is not enough to make a full coverage under the light. It might not be that obvious to notice if you are wrapping a deep color car. But if it is a light color vehicle, you will spot the difference very easily.


The safest way to make a perfect wrap-around seems to be removing the lights before wrapping. However, this will take a long time to do, not to mention the risks of damaging the hardware.


In fact, there is a best solution, which can ensure quality and efficiency. There is no need to remove any lights. All you need is to get a roll of knifeless tape and masking tape ready.


First of all, take a strip of masking tape, which is approximately half a centimeter wide. Round it precisely at the bottom edge of the light. Then, take the knifeless tape. Match its edge to the top edge of the masking tape, and round it along the latter. Make sure it is symmetrical to the masking tape.


When this setup is done, you can apply the vinyl wrap film to the section as normal: Work the material around, create glass, and squeegee down to the surface. Use your finger to secure the material along the knifeless tape on top of the film. And find the access point of the knifeless tape on the side, release it. The knifeless will make an immaculate cut for you.


Remove the excess vinyl wrap film as well as the green tape from the knifeless. By now, you will have enough extra material to make a full coverage under the light. Pick the extra vinyl wrap film up – with the help of masking tape, you can do it smoothly as the film will not grab the light out of high surface energy.


Use your squeegee to tuck the extra material under the light straight away, and pull away the masking tape at last. You will then achieve full coverage under the light without having to spend too much time removing it. Learn more about wraps at teckwrap.com

Full Coverage Under Back Light with Vinyl Wrap Film