Fixing wrinkles when vinyl wrap film is already on the body

There are times when wrinkles and bunches occur section by section while the vinyl wrap film is already on the body of the vehicle. In this case, it can be challenging to pick the whole panel back up.


Here are some tips that can help you out in this situation:


For example, you have a whole piece of vinyl wrap film on the side that covers both doors from top to bottom. Some wrinkles occur near the gap between the two doors. But you can only see them when you look close enough. The bad thing is those wrinkles are bunching up there, where you cannot pop them.


To fix those wrinkles, you can separate the panel into two sections by cutting through the gap. This can help you pick the vinyl wrap film back up more easily instead of being frustrated and having to pick the whole piece back up. When you separate a panel, never try to deal with problems with an entire piece.


As soon as the material is separated, pick the film up from the bottom. The wrinkle will not go away as long as the material remains attached to the body of the vehicle. Thus, lift the film, and pull from the bottom evenly to the top. By doing this, you can trigger the memory effect and get rid of those wrinkles.


(When lifting the film, simply keep the material away from the surface instead of stretching it. Otherwise, you might overstretch the film.)


For vehicle wraps that have the memory effect, they can self-heal. However, when you pick the material up, there will be tension. Thus, apply light heat to relax the film. Wait for it until the film goes smooth again.


Now that the problem is fixed. You can squeegee the vehicle wrap back down to the surface as usual. Visit for more useful wrap tips.

Fixing wrinkles when vinyl wrap film is already on the body