Fixing poorly cut vinyl wrap film around window molding

There are times when you accidentally make a nasty cut on vinyl wrap film, or you have to make up for the mistakes others made. But it is always costly to re-do a wrap job. Is there any way you can fix a wrap and avoid paying the price? The answer is yes!


Here is an example of fixing a poorly cut vinyl wrap film around a window molding on a truck. The material is almost destroyed all around with the molding loosed and not tucked in properly.


Usually, this definitely needs a re-wrap, which is pricy. But there is a way you can fix it without even removing the material. Here is what you can do:


Loose the top side of the molding a little bit so that you have enough space to work around. Pay extra attention if the molding has metal inside, as you should never bend it. It is better to use a plastic removal tool to pry it up in this case.


Only deal with the part that the vinyl wrap film needs fixing. For areas without problems, you can leave it.


Once you have enough space, a gap that you can work around between the molding and the window, use a paper towel with alcohol to clean the edge thoroughly. It is essential to do this so that the material can stick well on the surface.


Wipe it over from the edge to the outside of the frame. Then, take a squeegee and another paper towel to clean the inside. When the area is completely dry, take a black edge seal tape like Mold n’ Hold.


Apply it from one side to the other, starting at one corner. You should make sure it covers up the area with poor cuts. Then, tuck the tape in well. There is no need to do it around the entire window frame if the material is only partly poorly cut.


However, you should make sure that the edge seal tape matches the bodyline and is symmetrical. Only this way can you hide the lousy cuts underneath perfectly.


Next, take your squeegee and seal down the corner first. Feed the edge seal tape to the base. As soon as the corner is set, you can squeegee all the way smoothly and seal the tape right to the bottom.


Cut off the excess material, and seal the edge. Last but not least, post-heat everything you apply and push the molding back.


By doing this, you can save your wallet and mend the mistakes. Check out more helpful wrap tips at

Fixing poorly cut vinyl wrap film around window molding