Efficient way to replace old vinyl stripe

As fashion develops, you might want to replace the partial vinyl wrap film like stripes with a brand-new and trending one, as sometimes it is much more convenient and affordable to keep up to date with partial material compared to a full wrap.


However, even though it is easier to replace stripes than a full vinyl wrap film, it takes time and energy to take the same measurement all over again. Here are some tricks for you to do it with high efficiency. All you need is to prepare a Knifeless tape and your regular wrapping toolset.



Do not take off the old stripes just yet. Clean the paint just above and below the edges of each stripe, and use your heat gun to dry it out with a bit of heat.


Knifeless tape application

Apply knifeless tape along the top and bottom edges of each stripe, using the green tape to joint each edge all the way across. With the help of the old stripe, you will be able to create a perfectly straight line with the Knifeless tape.



As soon as the Knifeless tape is secured, you can now pull off the old stripes section by section. You can apply light heat, which can help you remove them smoothly. When an old stripe is off, clean up the area with alcohol. Since the area was covered by a vinyl wrap film, you should be able to clean it very easily. Just make sure there is no contaminant left over.


Wrap it up

Now you can apply the new material to the area. Take your time and work it out using regular wrapping skills accordingly. When the film is completely set, you can release the Knifeless tape. Pull off the string across. Try to pull slowly at an angle as close to 180-degree as possible. Then, remove the green tape and the excess material. Do not forget to seal the edge of the film with your squeegee.


Once these are done, you have your reborn finish with high-quality and efficiency. Do it in this way will spare you a lot of time. And you can spend the saved energy on other exciting projects. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

Efficient way to replace old vinyl stripe