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For most vehicles, the edges of doors are fragile, whether it is a side door or the one for your trunk.


Frequent hits can cause damage

When two cars are parked close to each other, the door can hit on the other one as you open it. As for your trunk door, it can also scratch the paint off as you shut it down. Even if you wrap your car in vinyl film, the material around those areas can get damaged easily.


Clumsy rubber protector

Some people will get an Edge Guard for a side door, which is a very short strip of rubber protector that you can apply to the edge, where it might hit another car when opening it. But those parts can look odd in the bigger picture, lowering the overall level of your car style.


Here is a simple way to get those edges protected and keep the general appearance of your car at a high level:


Paint protection strip

Instead of applying those ugly rubber protectors, you can install a paint protection film strip on the side of a door edge, which will have zero effect on the overall look and give you complete assurance. Depending on the thickness of the door edge, such a strip can be around 0.9 centimeters wide or a little bit wider.


Wrap the edge

You generally should get a thin paint protection film strip for this type of installation. To make it blend into the final finish perfectly, you should wrap around only a little on the front and the backside. Also, because there is usually a gap on the backside of a door, the strip will bridge over it if it is too wide, which can create problems over time.


Remember to clean the edge thoroughly before applying the PPF strip. Because it is just a tiny piece, it is acceptable to use the dry method here. Pull off a bit of the liner (Do not remove it completely yet), and start from top to bottom.


Don’t rush the process

You should do it incrementally and symmetrically throughout the process. Keep three millimeters of the strip wrapped on the front; the rest can usually fit into the gap on the backside perfectly in the end.


Work incrementally

Take your time as you apply the strip. Pull steadily and release the liner bit by bit with your free hand. Use the other hand to set the piece down gradually. Do not run your finger too far in one shot. It is no good if you have to pick the PPF up too frequently, as it might distort the final finish.


Pull the strip firmly

There can be curves on the door edge, so your free hand should pull the strip firmly with enough pressure. Doing this can help you form the PPF around the backside without tension. If the strip is too loose when applied, it can get wrinkles on the backside because of stress.


Squeegee and seal

Once the strip is set in place, use a small PPF squeegee to seal it down using 45-degree angle strokes. Repeat the same process for the front and backside until everything is settled.


Last but not least, wipe over and clean up the edge. And there you have your assurance. Learn more about car wrapping at
Paint protection film strip: Keep edges from damage | TeckWrap