Double-check for surface prep with vinyl film liner

Cleaning is always the first step to a successful vinyl wrap job. The performance and durability of a vinyl wrap film can be affected if the vehicle is not clean thoroughly before application.


However, some wrappers might tend to proceed without double-checking if the surface is clean enough sometimes, especially when they have followed all the right steps and done everything to clean.


It is good to have confidence. But sometimes you really cannot be sure about things you do not see. Even though you have done everything right, tiny contaminants can remain on the surface, which we cannot see with our bare eyes.


If you apply a vinyl wrap film onto a surface like this, those contaminants will affect the adhesion of the material. In some cases, they will even pop through the film. Thus, the vinyl will lift or get damaged over time, leading to a pricy re-do.


A traditional double-checking method was introduced in our previous article How to Ensure a Vehicle Is Clean Enough for Vehicle Film Wrapping. And this time, you can try out a more handy and environmental way to check if a vehicle is ready.


All you need is to find a scrap piece of clear liner. It is better to take one that is big enough to put your two palms on top. Put the liner on top of the surface after cleaning.


The contaminants you cannot see with bare eyes will stand out on the surface through the clear liner. By doing this, you would know where you should clean again. Wipe the residue away with a microfiber towel, making sure it is completely clean this time. Last but not least, wipe the whole surface around with alcohol.


This whole double-checking process will only take you a few minutes to do. But it can help you achieve a high-quality wrap job. Compared to a costly re-do, isn’t it worth doing? Check out and learn more wrap tips.

Double-check for surface prep with vinyl film liner