Critical cutting tips for vinyl wrapping

Cutting techniques are crucial to vinyl film wrapping. Excellent skills can bring finishes to the next level, while poor cutting can ruin a wrap, even a vehicle. Here are some critical tips that can help you master the art of cutting and achieve a perfect finish.


Choose knife and blade wisely

There are different types and knives. Knowing how to choose is the first step towards success. When carrying out a vinyl wrapping project, it is vital to use a plastic knife rather than a metal one.


With a metal knife, there is a high chance of its body the wrap or the paint. Even if you manage to cut without letting the body of the knife touch the surface, you might not be able to hold it stably. And you really cannot go too deep with this knife because there is this risk. Thus, a plastic knife is the best for vinyl wrapping.


There are also many kinds of blades out there for knives. A wrapper should not choose one that is too hard or sharp for a wrap job. Otherwise, it is possible to cut through the wrap and cut the paint. Thus, carbon blades and ceramic blades are the ones to avoid.


How to cut

Depending on the area you wrap, there is a solid side and an empty side on the edge of it. Most of the time, you will be cutting on the empty side with your blade parallel to the edge. This can help you achieve a damage-free cut with no stress.


When you cut, click your blade before doing it so that it is sharp enough, making sure you can have a clean cut. Then, use your finger to go along the edge you will be cutting, so the material is secured.


Use a short and shallow blade so you can avoid accidentally cutting too deep and scratching the paint. If you are wrapping a normal section with the standard method, remember to hold your knife at a 45-degree angle, which can ensure your cut goes perfectly straight.


These are a few basic but extremely important tips for cutting. If you can bear them in mind, you are not far away from a perfect finish. Learn more wrap tips at

Critical cutting tips for vinyl wrapping