Creative way to wrap deep recessed area on bumper

For a bumper with deeply recessed areas where there is light and vent, the vinyl wrap film will very possibly lift over time if you wrap it in one piece, as you can overstretch it easily as you wrap around this section.


To avoid this problem, wrapping the bumper with overlaying pieces can help. And you can use another type of vinyl wrap film to make the overlap and personalize the finish. By making it a two-tone finish, you do not have to concern about following the contour.


When you handle the bumper, you can wrap it around as usual and leave the recessed area for later. As soon as the main part is set, cut away the material that is going into the recessed area, where the tension builds up. Then, put Knifeless Tape along the edge of the vent. This is where you will hide the overlap from behind.


When the Knifeless Tape is put in place, you can now pull off the vent. Next, apply the vinyl wrap film for the overlay onto the area, which can be a scrap material, but make sure you have enough to cover the area fully.


You can start working the material around from the deepest part of the recessed area without having to worry about the tension as you would when wrapping it in one piece.


Set a permanent hinge there, and make a relief cut, which will minimize the tension as you handle the area. Work the film out from this spot with your squeegee.


When you get to the corners, use relief cuts to help shift out the tension. It is essential to read the wrinkles and deal with the situation accordingly because recessed areas vary for different cars.


As soon as the recessed area is wrapped properly, release the Knifeless Tape and remove the excess material. Then, take a sharp and light knife to cut away the excess on the back area. Use your finger to seal all the edges.


Last but not least, use a sharp and light knife again to cut out the holes for the clips of the vent to go back in. You can then put the vent back in place. And now you would have achieved a high-quality and durable bumper with a unique custom look.


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Creative way to wrap deep recessed area on bumper