Create straight line for vinyl wrap film application

When handling a full print vinyl wrap film, one of the goals for a wrapper is to make sure the graphics stay straight on the body of the vehicle and present the best result.


However, sometimes it can be challenging when you have to wrap it on a sedan. Oftentimes, wrappers can rely a lot on the body lines of a car to make the graphics on the vinyl wrap film straight.


But body lines on a sedan are mostly not that straight as the way you see. For example, there might be a body line starting from the back fender, and going across to the front of the car. It looks straight, but it is actually going downwards as the back section is higher than the front. So this is not a very promising reference.


If there is a line at the bottom of the doors on the side, it might be more reliable to use. But the fact is you do not always have this line, not even any lines sometimes. So what can you do to make sure the graphics on the vinyl wrap film get to stay straight?


Here is a quick and simple way:


Even though there are lots of random variables on the side of a vehicle, there is one thing that always stays the same on both sides. That is the center of the hubcap.


Thus, you can take a roll of masking tape. Start from the hubcap at the front, secure the tape on its center point, and roll the tape out across to the other hubcap at the back, tacking the tape to its center point as well.


Once you have created a line with the tape, double-check if it has the right tension. If not, pick it up from one side, and pull it firmly until it gets tight and straight. You will then have a safe reference.


You can even flip the adhesive side over in the middle of the line, and slide the vinyl wrap film behind it. Use the tape to help you do the measurement you need, which can be a great solution, too.


Thus, masking tape is an extremely handy and convenient way to solve your problem in this situation. But if you are more equipped, you can also use a laser level to help, which is even more straightforward. Either way, do not always trust the body lines.


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Create straight line for vinyl wrap film application