Choose Knifeless Tape accordingly for vinyl film wrapping

Overlap made with Knifeless Tape plays an essential role in vinyl film wrapping, especially on a curvy section. For example, the top area of a back bumper, which connects to the trunk. You would go for overlap on an area like this to ensure a high-quality and durable finish.


But the problem is that there are several types of Knifeless Tape, which can make different kinds of overlaps. Which one of them do you need exactly?


Here is an overview of overlaps created with Design Line, Perf Line, and Bridge Line. This will tell you the difference from the three Knifeless Tape and what type of overlap they can create.


Design Line

Design Line Knifeless Tape is the thinnest among all. Its string is right in the middle of the Tape. It can perfectly hide the overlap, letting it blend in seamlessly on a car.


The overlaying area is narrow. You can use it to create an overlap on a section where the vinyl wrap film does not have too much tension, for instance, the top area of a back bumper mentioned above.


Perf Line

Perf Line Knifeless Tape is wider compared to Desing Line. And its string is in a different position. When you apply it on vinyl wrap film, make sure that it stays flat all the way to keep it from slipping out of the Tape before you release it.


The overlaying area it creates is slightly wider, too. Perf Line is not suitable for a section with a tight curve(s). But you might want to use it on a section with a big compound curve(s).


Bridge Line

Bridge Line Knifeless Tape is the widest among all, and it is extra thick. So make sure you pull it at an angle as closed to 180-degree as possible to ensure a clean cut.


The overlaying area it creates is wide, which means the overlap can hold extra well, too. But it is also hard to hide if you use it in a color change project. However, if you are wrapping with a full print vinyl wrap film, Bridge Line is a good choice.


Hopefully, these have inspired you. Next time, when you have to use Knifeless Tape to make overlaps, choose accordingly and wisely. For more about Knifeless Tape, you can check out our previous article A Complete Guide to Knifeless Tape.
Choose Knifeless Tape accordingly for vinyl film wrapping