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The metallic vinyl film has been a popular choice for matte car wrap lovers. It is not the most challenging material to apply. It has a uniquely subtle look with eye-catching metallic sheen. Of course, to achieve this perfect look, you must learn about it and install it correctly. Here are some facts about matte metallic film:


Sensitive surface

Matte metallic vinyl film is like most matte car wraps, and it is sensitive to scratches and contaminants. When installing or even touching it, you better wear application gloves or get your hands clean because any dirt or oil can leave marks on its surface.


When applying a matte metallic vinyl film, you should choose squeegee and buffer accordingly. Otherwise, these tools might also scratch the matte surface during the process. A buffer made of fabric can be an excellent choice, as you can install it with a wet buffer. Make sure you hold your squeegee as flat as possible to lower the chance of scratching the film.



Although a matte metallic film has a lot in common with a regular matte film, one thing makes it different and unique. Matte metallic films are made with metallic flakes, which are put in a certain direction. Thus, it is a directional film. When applying, you should keep all pieces in the same direction to make them uniform. Otherwise, the finish will look odd as the wrapped vehicle reflects differently.



A matte metallic film can get dull more quickly than a regular matte film without regular maintenance, as the metallic flakes will reflect the sun directly into the film. Because of this, you should pay more attention to it in aftercare than in a standard wrap film. When choosing post-care products, remember to choose accordingly. As mentioned above, matte metallic has a very sensitive surface, and one wrong aftercare can ruin the material.


Other than these, a matte metallic film is the same as a regular matte film. If you can bear all these in mind, wrapping with matte metallic vinyl should no longer be your biggest challenge. Visit for more wrap tips.
Car wrapping with matte metallic vinyl film | TeckWrap