Avoid uneven heat: vinyl wrapping recessed area

When heating a vinyl film on recessed areas during wrapping, the uncertainty is that you might make part of it too hot and too cold on its other areas. And this is not good for the overall installing process.


Here is a handy way to avoid uneven heat and get the best result safely:


What you need

  • Kettle
  • Pressure sprayer
  • Shampoo
  • PPF squeegee


Let boiling water save

First, you can get some boiling water with your kettle. And fill it into a pressure sprayer. Then, add a little baby shampoo to it. Mix them, and you have a glide solution ready.


Start applying

You can now get a PPF squeegee ready, which is usually thick. Fold it in half so it can fit into the deep recessed area. Spray the vinyl film on the area right next to the recessed area with the glide solution you have. The hot solution can ensure uniform heat on the vehicle wrap and, in the meantime, soften the material.


Also, because there is soap in the solution, your PPF squeegee can smoothly glide through the recessed area and form the wrap to the bottom clean and flawlessly. You do not have to worry about getting a sore finger because of running along the concave part.


Safe and easy

As you use hot water to warm the film up, there is no chance you will overheat the vinyl, leading to overstretching or massive wrinkles. And you will certainly not burn the material. The adhesive underneath the film can also stay uniform with even heat.


When the recessed area is settled, you can then handle the flat part, which should be only a piece of cake now. With the glide solution, everything becomes extremely smooth. As a result, you will achieve an immaculate finish without any stress. Learn more tips about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Avoid uneven heat: vinyl wrapping recessed area