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When having cut vinyl wrap film on your vehicle, especially a string of letters, it is easy that part of them would get damaged as time passes by, or if you want to install a string of letters with different types of materials, they both lead to the challenge of aligning one part with another when replacing or applying separately.


Here is a quick and simple way you can do to ensure the whole string of cut vinyl is in alignment:


If you are replacing a damaged part of the wrap piece, take a long stripe of masking tape beforehand, tap it, and secure it just at the tip of all the letters (or graphics).


Make sure you put the masking tape on precisely. And do not just run your finger from one side to the other. Tap the tape bit by bit until you get to the end of the line so that the whole tape can work well as a reference to line up all the vinyl film pieces.


Now you can remove the damaged piece (If you are applying another type of material instead of making a replacement, you can skip this step). Do not forget to clean up all the adhesive after taking it off.


Put the new vinyl wrap piece onto the surface. Make sure you keep the pre-mask paper away from the vehicle. Line up this piece at the top, which is the bottom edge of the masking tape, and apply it precisely.


When the piece is set, secure the whole thing on the surface. You can now make a permanent hinge and squeegee it across it. Last but not least, take off the pre-mask paper.


When you pull, try to pull at a low angle and keep it as parallel with the surface as possible to avoid accidentally lifting the vinyl piece. After removing it, squeegee across the part you just applied again to secure it.


By doing this, you can create a string of cut vinyl letters or signs in alignment easily. For more wrap tips, visit
Aligning a string of cut vinyl pieces | TeckWrap