Unveiling TeckWrap’s innovative Paint Protection Film at FESPA 2024

TeckWrap unveils an innovative paint protection film (PPF) at FESPA 2024 that is designed to safeguard vehicles with unmatched protection, superior resistance, and long-lasting beauty.


TeckWrap, a renowned vinyl wrap film manufacturer and a leading innovator in the field, is thrilled to announce its return as a sponsor for FESPA 2024. The company has a long-standing and successful partnership with FESPA, having participated in the event for years.


Its previous participations have been well-received, with TeckWrap consistently garnering positive feedback for its innovative wrap film products and engaging booth presentations. This year, TeckWrap plans to surpass expectations by introducing PPF290-S75+, its newest and innovative paint protection film, boasting an impressive array of features:


  • Unmatched Protection: The film's balanced thickness of 312 microns and strong adhesion of 13 N/in offer exceptional defense against scratches, chips, and road debris, keeping the car paint pristine.
  • Powered by Lubrizol-Nupro Technology: This film incorporates advanced materials from Lubrizol-Nupro, a brand renowned for its exceptional performance and durability in car care products.
  • Superior Resistance: With a remarkable tear resistance of 2900 psi and high flexibility of 350% elongation at break, this PPF is built to withstand everyday wear and tear without compromising its integrity.
  • Seamless Application: The 1524mm-wide material minimizes seams during installation, resulting in a flawless, virtually invisible shield on a vehicle.
  • Long-lasting Beauty: Featuring exceptional UV resistance (≥95%) and remarkable clarity (90% light transmission), this PPF safeguards a car's original shine and protects it from sun damage for years to come.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by an 8-year warranty, this PPF guarantees lasting protection and user satisfaction.


FESPA 2024 provides the perfect platform to experience this latest innovation of TeckWrap. The company’s demonstration team will be there for all the wrappers and car enthusiasts, fueling everyone with new inspirations.


You can learn more about the innovative PPF from TeckWrap. In the meantime, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the event. Get connected in person with car fanatics and professionals who share the same passion.

Unveiling TeckWrap’s innovative Paint Protection Film at FESPA 2024