Well wrapped and ready: The Le Mans winner sets off again | TeckWrap

After refreshing all vehicles of the team with TeckWrap vinyl wrap films, Inter Europol Competition (I.E.C.), the Le Mans winner, is ready to set off for the next adventure.


The journey of the Polish motorsports team was set ablaze as they emerged victorious in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in 2023. With eye-catching vinyl wrap film design, meticulous team strategy, and car racing skills in the LMP2 field, their #34 Oreca took the chequered flag with a lasting impression for all.


24 Hours of Le Mans 2023


As the only Polish racing team that finishes the 24-hour Le Mans race, it is undoubtedly a triumph for the I.E.C., and even the car racing sector in the country. The #34 Oreca was later showcased in the Polish National Car Museum.


The #34 Oreca in Polish National Car Museum


No audience can resist this hero car, not only because of the honor it brings but also because of its striking look. The I.E.C. takes green and yellow as the team’s colors of interaction. This visual code also applies to #34 and all other vehicles using car wrap films, with a design that combines vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and sponsor logos, creating a tremendous visual impact.


Today, they have renewed the appearance of their motorcade, including eight racing cars and all vehicles, with fresh vinyl wrap films. As a proud partner, our TeckWrap Polish distributor gladly assisted them with Paradise Green (SMT12) and Hornet Yellow (ECH16) to match their color code.


The renewed #34 Oreca in Paradise Green (SMT12) and Hornet Yellow (ECH16)


It is not long until the next race. A fresh look can be a powerful catalyst for success, as it boosts your confidence and unlocks true potential. The I.E.C. is ready, and you? Get changed now and find out.

Well wrapped and ready: The Le Mans winner sets off again | TeckWrap