TeckWrapped Rides Roar into the GT Show 2024

The curtains are closing for the GT Show 2024, where over 30 TeckWrapped rides were showcased all around. Despite the event being over, car fanatics' inner passion is burning still.



The GT Show in Suzhou, China, is a premier auto modification exhibition that celebrates car culture and customization. It is a popular destination for car enthusiasts in China, and it showcases everything from tricked-out street cars to off-road vehicles, alongside motorsports and car lifestyle exhibits.


Started when the Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix was held in 2014, as the first interactive car modification event combined with automobile racing sports, the GT Show officially settled in Suzhou in 2017 and has become a regular event that is deeply involved in the field of China's car culture.


This year, it was held from March 29th to 31st at the Suzhou International Expo Center, with a total exhibition area (including indoor and outdoor) of 120,000 square meters for 461 exhibitors worldwide.


Over the past years, TeckWrap has been present whenever the GT Show is on. This year, we have teamed up with DrawinPro and Zero Racing, presenting over 30 TeckWrapped rides, including 400Z, Supra, AMG GT, M4, and Evo, in different halls, drawing over 300,000 audiences' attention.




TeckWrap is proud to be a part of the golden age of car culture, celebrating everything that makes customization king with car fanatics. The GT Show is undoubtedly an excellent place to witness the wildest rides and network with fellow car lovers and industry professionals.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by. And we look forward to bringing you more unforgettable TeckWrapped rides next time. Until then, don't forget to check out at teckwrap.com if there is any color suiting you well.

TeckWrapped Rides Roar into the GT Show 2024