Wrapping door handle in one piece vinyl wrap film

A door handle is not the most challenging part to wrap with vinyl wrap film. However, it does require patience to achieve a perfect finish. Here is an efficient trick to wrap it in one piece, which helps ensure high-quality and durability:


First of all, remove the door handle from the vehicle, clean it thoroughly, and prep it. Next, go to the cutting table and cut out a square piece of vinyl wrap film. Remove the backing paper, and secure the inside part of the door handle with this pre-cut material on the door handle.


When doing this, secure the vinyl wrap film on the straight edge of the handle from the inside portion, which will fit on the top side of the handle. Go on until the material is secured all the way to the front side in this scoop.


As soon as it is done, secure the vinyl wrap film to the cutting table so that when you pull the piece, it is like you have another person on the other side to help. Conform the material to the inside area from side to side. Apply light heat to relax the film during the process.


Then, you can pull it evenly while continuing to conform the vinyl wrap film to the door handle. Round the handle incrementally to wrap the other side as well. Pay extra attention to the corners. Make sure the film does not bunch up too much on those areas by applying light heat to help.


Once you have got one side of the door handle done, flip it to another side by rounding it within the film. Repeat the same process until all sides of the door handle are properly wrapped.


You can then sharpen your blade and kind of make a relief cut to create an overlap, which should be around three millimeters. Last but not least, cut away the excess material carefully.


By now, you would achieve a perfect door handle in one piece within minutes. To learn more about wrapping, visit teckwrap.com.
Wrapping door handle in one piece vinyl wrap film