Why you shouldn’t use alcohol to clean a matte film

A matte car wrap is one of the special kinds of vinyl wrap film, which needs extra attention, especially in aftercare because it is susceptible.


Any contaminant can leave marks on its surface. Without maintenance, a matte film can turn out terrible over time. Also, its lifespan will get shortened in this way.


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Alcohol can degrease but will burn a matte surface

When talking about aftercare for vinyl wrap film, it is typical for some people to use alcohol indiscriminately, despite the type of the material. However, although alcohol can help degrease the matte surface, it will burn the coating.


When you spay alcohol across a matte material, the dots will stay on the surface as they get in the lamination. You will notice them right after you wipe the alcohol out.


Choose relevant aftercare product that doesn’t contain alcohol for matte

The wise way to maintain a matte finish is to get relevant aftercare products that do not contain alcohol. There are plenty of good ones in the market. For example, an excellent heavy-duty aftercare spray, particularly for matte. It will help take all the dirt and oil out without burning the surface.


Do not forget to wipe over the wrap with an appropriate sealant, which can keep contaminants from building up again. Again, make sure it does not contain alcohol so that it is safe for a matte film.


With regular maintenance like this, your matte finish will look new and always stay in its best state. Also, you can prolong its lifespan in this way.


Why you shouldn’t use alcohol to clean a matte film