Automotive Market in Luxembourg

Luxembourg's automotive market brings a unique landscape. While the country is small, it punches above its weight in the European automotive scene. Despite its size, Luxembourg's automotive market significantly contributes to the European industry.


The Luxembourg automotive industry thrives as a specialized center for research, development, and production of automotive components. It is not just about established players. The country actively cultivates a space for startups and new technologies.

The country's location is a major advantage. It sits right in the heart of the "Greater Region," an automotive powerhouse encompassing parts of France, Germany, and Belgium. This allows Luxembourgish companies to leverage expertise and resources from their neighbors, making it a hub for innovation and collaboration and keeping the automotive industry rolling.

Popular Car Brands

German car brands are especially popular in Luxembourg. The contenders include Volkswagen, followed by BMW, Audi in third place, and Mercedes-Benz closely behind.

There is still space for other players, though. Peugeot is the lone non-German brand that cracks the top five. Other brands with a notable presence include Skoda, Renault, and Fiat.

Auto Show in Luxembourg

There is one major auto show in Luxembourg, which is The International Motor Show Luxembourg. It is a biannual event that typically takes place in November. The event attracts a large audience of car fanatics from across Europe, as it caters to a wide range of interests.

With the current trend, Luxembourg's car market is poised for an innovative future. The market is expected to move beyond just selling vehicles and focus on the customer experience.

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