Wrapping hood with pre-stretch technique

Pre-stretching in the cold is an excellent technique for vinyl film wrapping. It can be widely applied in many situations, for example, hood wrapping. But it is a bit different from the standard hood wrapping method when applying.


To use the cold pre-stretch technique, you will start with the corners, and pull the vinyl wrap film away from there. There will be no tension on the corner in this case, and the material will shrink back right to the corner when you heat it, which will help you achieve perfect corners.


As for the flat area in the middle, it should be pretty easy to wrap. You can stretch the material and get it in place quickly, especially if you are wrapping with a vinyl wrap film with repositionable technology.


Usually, if you are wrapping with a more aggressive material, you would probably make a hinge and start with it. But to install with the pre-stretch method, the tension will move to the corners. So if you start with the hinge, the corners will wrinkle easily, and they will become challenging to wrap. However, beginning with the corners can avoid this potential problem.


To start with the corners, you should spread the vinyl wrap film over the surface of the hood. Hold it using the triangle technique and go towards the upper corners. You can wrap the film deep behind the corners there. And you kind of create a permanent hinge at the top by doing this.


As for the bottom corners, you should pick the vinyl wrap film up and pull towards those corners with a triangle as well. Repeat the same process as you handle the upper corners, and get the bottom ones done. Double-check if everything is properly set and flat.


As soon as the corners are ready, you can work on the flat area in the middle. When you pull the material, pull it evenly to spread the tension out. Kepp working from left to right and shifting the material back and forth until everything is flattened out. Then, you can start squeegeeing.


By now, there is no tension on the corners, but on the flat area, especially on the sides. You can squeegee up and down to shift the tension away. Go back to the bottom corners afterward. Apply light heat to them, and you will see the material shrink back underneath the corners there. You can then take your knife and make a clean cut.


Once everything is done, you can cut and remove the excess material. Be sure to seal the edges afterward. Get useful wrap tips at teckwrap.com
Wrapping hood with pre-stretch technique