Full coverage under front light with high efficiency

Some wrappers choose not to remove the front or rear light when wrapping it with vinyl wrap film to ensure efficiency. However, wrapping under a front or rear light with vinyl wrap film in this situation can be tricky sometimes, especially when it is a car in a light color. When you cut the material away from the side of the light, it usually turns out that the film is not wrapped far enough to cover the entire area.


To start, get masking tape prepared. Make it around a quarter inch or half a centimeter wide (or even a centimeter) – Just be sure that it is not too thick. Set the tape exactly at the bottom edge of the light.


When the masking tape is ready, apply the Knifeless Tape's edge symmetrically to the top of the masking tape. This will lower the surface energy of the light so that it will not grip the vinyl wrap film as you work on it.


Apply the vinyl wrap film and conform it to the section as usual. Run along the edge with your finger and set the material up on top of the Knifeless Tape. Make sure the tape is about a quarter to half an inch above the bottom edge of the light.


Then, cut the excess film away on the side to access the Knifeless Tape. Release it carefully and pull off the extra material at the same time. Next, you can squeegee the film under the light and tuck it in. With the help of masking tape, you can do it quickly. Squeegee down the material at the corner, and remove the masking tape by pulling from the side.


You can then finish the section as usual. By doing these, you can achieve perfect full coverage under the front or rear light with no stress. And your efficiency is increased because you do not have to take off the light. What a win-win! Learn more wrap tips to boost your skills at teckwrap.com
Full coverage under front light with high efficiency