TeckWrap Paint Protection Film (PPF) functions like armor, giving vehicles extra safeguard, protecting them daily from potential damages. Pursuing flexible solutions for all needs, the company offers different types of PPF made in various materials. Explore and choose the best for your application.

What Is PPF
Paint Protection Film is a transparent layer, an invisible cloth to naked eyes that is specifically made for vehicles. Designed to preserve an original manufactured finish, PPF wraps around the vehicle, providing 360-degree protection.

Why Protect the Paint
Vehicles can encounter potential threats everywhere, being on the run every day. Accidental scratches and scuffs might occur caused by gravel. Or they can happen when/ after one pulls up a vehicle due to human factors. Besides, common contaminants can damage car paint over time, including acid rains, bird droppings, bug acids, and oils.

All factors mentioned can cause abrasion, paint chips, yellowing, and discoloration, disfiguring your vehicle. When re-paint, distinctions lie between original car paint and spray painting due to different qualities and workflows. Spray paint tends to have a shorter lifespan, despite it being pricy.

Once car paint gets damaged, a vehicle’s resale value will go down. Nothing is better than guarding beforehand. Various Paint Protection Films available at TeckWrap can offer the safeguard you deserve, helping save the day. Start making a difference by purchasing PPF from TeckWrap today.