Trick to avoid overheating vinyl when handling recessed areas

Recessed areas lie around a vehicle. When installing a vinyl wrap film, it can be challenging for wrappers, as you need to heat the material and soften it before you can conform to it.


However, it is not always easy to reach the right temperature. Sometimes, installers might overheat the vehicle wrap and damage the material or not heat it enough. Either way is not good for the application process.


Here is a safe and straightforward way to help you avoid this problem:


What you need:



Baby shampoo


PPF squeegee


Get the magic liquid ready

Prepare a kettle, boil some water, and fill it to the sprayer (Make sure you use a good-quality one to cope with this high temperature). Then, add a bit of baby shampoo into the sprayer. Shake it up. You will then have the magic liquid to help you out.


Spray and conform

Spray the surface around the recessed area with this soapy hot water you made. Next, fold the PPF squeegee in half, which can usually fit into a recessed area. You can now conform the vinyl film to the recessed area with it.


Smooth workflow

By now, the material can get to the right temperature and soften with hot water. In the meantime, because there is baby shampoo, you can glide with the squeegee quickly and smoothly.



Typically, even if you manage to soften the vehicle wrap perfectly with heat, it takes effort and is energy-consuming to conform to the material, especially when you need to use your finger.


But in this case, you do not need to worry that much anymore. Just boil the water, add baby shampoo, fold the squeegee, and get going. Everything becomes easy and straightforward. There is no longer a risk of overheating the film.


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Trick to avoid overheating vinyl when handling recessed areas