Why it's great to have Knifeless Tape in hand

When talking about Knifeless Tape, there are many options you can choose in the market. Combining them accordingly during vinyl film application can be beneficial in many ways. The most apparent advantage might be boosting your install time – And today, saving time means saving money.


Some installers might consider customizing or applying overlaying pieces like strips when thinking of Knifeless Tape. These are, of course, reasons why one would use it. But there are much more beyond these two factors.


Making Hard Work Easier

When wrapping a car for a color-change project, especially a light-color car, you have to get full coverage for everything to hide the original color. Without Knifeless Tape, achieving this goal in sections like areas underneath a front or rear light is challenging.


Or, when it comes to a severe 90-degree angle on the solid side of a door, Knifeless Tape can help create a customized piece of vinyl with a different type of material on that area. You can then wrap the rest of the main section with the primary color, which will take your stress out when wrapping this tricky area.


Dramatically Lower Install Time

There are different types of Knifeless Tape with different widths. Each of them is created for a different purpose. You can kind of figure out from their names: Bridge Line. Tri-Line, Design Line, and PPF Line… To achieve a high-quality finish, choose them according to your need. But surely, if you are creative enough, sometimes combining them in specific projects can provide you with a surprising result.


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With the help of Knifeless Tape, your install time can dramatically go down from days to one day, partly because you do not even have to spend time on removing hardware if you can use Knifeless wisely. It can boost not only your efficiency but also the wrap quality.


That is why every wrapper deserves decent Knifeless Tape for their wrap projects. Learn to make the best of the tape, read our previous article: A complete guide to Knifeless Tape.

Why it's great to have Knifeless Tape in hand