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Installing a paint protection film on a roof with the wet method can be challenging because of the thick corners, especially if you are doing it solo. If you are wrapping a vehicle like Aston Martin, there are also tight gaps. If this is your case, here is a workflow example for you:



Undoubtedly, you should clean and degrease the surface thoroughly beforehand. Then, you can put the panel on the windshield and remove the liner of the paint protection film.


It is good to keep the film as close to the application surface as possible when doing it, which can prevent dust from getting onto the adhesive. Before applying the PPF to the roof, spray the slip solution on the surface. And as you remove the liner, spray the film’s adhesive side as well.



Once all the preparations are done, pick up the paint protection film and apply it to the roof. When the PPF is in place, you can slightly squeegee it down to the side to lock it.


Next, you should start working from corners. Pick the film back up from a corner, and spray tack solution (distilled water should be enough) under it. The material will not tack too much with the slip solution underneath the paint protection film. And you can slide it smoothly when it needs.


After spraying, pull the PPF firmly at a triangle shape, and hook it down to the corner. When hooking, use your finger to do it. Then, keep your finger still to hold the material in place while the other hand squeegee the film towards the corner and lock it in place. As you hook the corner, there can be wrinkles on the side. Squeegee the wrinkles out and shift the tension away before you work towards the corner.


As soon as one corner is done, repeat the same process to the next one. When all corners on the roof are set, you can move on to the main area. Squeegee with overlapping strokes to force the moisture out from the film. Spray more solution to the PPF to ensure the squeegee can slide smoothly. Remember to seal all edges when you finish.


Once everything is done, it is time to cut off all the excess. As you are cutting directly on the surface, you should be extra careful and go slowly. Sharpen your blade first, and let it lightly touch the film. Do not cut too deep, or you will cut through and damage the paint.


When removing the excess material, pull as low and flat to the surface as possible to avoid getting a jagged line when pulling the material away. As soon as all the excess is off, use your squeegee to tuck and seal all edges and double-check if everything is ok.


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Install paint protection film on roof | TeckWrap