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There are many creative methods to make vinyl stripes on a car. Several ways of using Knifeless tape have been introduced in the previous articles. But today, let’s learn to do it with fine line tape, which can be a relatively cheaper way.


Lay the tape down

Taking a hood as an example, run a fine line tape on wherever you need to create the vinyl strip on the surface. When you do this, always tack the end of the tape at the top, and pull firmly from the roll, which can ensure you have a precisely straight line.


Then, repeat the same process on a different side, and create the other edge of the stripe. Make sure the two lines are perfectly straight and symmetrical to each other. When the two lines are done, remember to run your finger along and secure them.


Apply vinyl wrap film on top

Once the tapes are locked in place, apply the vinyl wrap film on top of them. Squeegee and set the material tight on the surface. A fine line tape is thick and has high surface energy, so the wrap film can grip it well. You can clearly tell where the tapes are when the vinyl is secured tight.


Now, take a thinner type of fine line tape, and apply it on top of each line underneath. Match the edge with the wider tape when you do it. And make sure the new lines are straight and uniform. Run your finger along them to secure them when you finish.


Time to cut

Now that the material is ready, it is time to cut. Sharpen your blade beforehand, and cut along the edge of the thin fine line tape, which is a precise reference point for you.


Although a fine line tape is thick, cutting directly on the surface is risky. Thus, keep your blade at a 10-degree angle when cutting to avoid accidentally cutting through the tape.


As soon as the cutting is done, remove the thin tape on top first, and pull away the tape underneath. Make sure you pull at a low angle when doing it, which helps you avoid the tension from the film. Do it on both sides and there you have your stripe.


Last but not least, cut away any excess and seal all edges. Remember to double-check if everything is right before moving on. Learn more creative wrap tips at
Create vinyl stripes with fineline tape | TeckWrap