Full wrapping of Toyota Chaser with TeckWrap Emerald green matte chrome

This article was sent to us by one of the most famous wrappers in Russia Aleksey Tribitsin, Vinil Tomsk.

"For six years we have tried almost every brand and we know their quality, but in light of recent rising of prices, the price for material became very expensive. Many companies in Russia were giving quite positive feedbacks about TeckWrap and we decided to try it.

I just want to say that my company is not tied to any brand, so in every case, I choose material myself and it always can be different. Before offering to customers, I always test film. This time its TeckWrap Emerald green matte chrome. Previously, we could achieve matte chrome effect by making a sandwich from regular chrome and transparent matte film. Film could cost 5000 rubles per meter and was difficult to wrap. Now film with similar effect is single layered and is much cheaper.

I decided to make complex experiment and make a full wrap. Another reason is that I was changing doors and they were of different color. The main reason of course was wrapping with TeckWrap on new higher level, including pillars.

Wrapping of Chaser pillars was quite simple. Rubber and moldings hidden everything, so pillars were essentially wrapped in one piece, the joint was on the weld.

Wrapping of splasher

The photos in the wrapshop were made in March 2015, the photos on the street in August 2015. 5 months have passed.

Usually pictures are taken when car is just wrapped and they are always beautiful. However, I had opportunity to watch the durability during several months and make some conclusions. Because TeckWrap is using calendared material, it can fail at difficult angles, such as door handles. This can actually happen to any vinyl if there is tension, so I suggest do in overlaps.   

 Side mirrors are quite complex but they are fine.

Conclusion: Despite being calandered film, TeckWrap performed quite good. It will definetely find customers. I already noticed that many famous wrappers are using TeckWrap. Today if price and quality is compared, TeckWrap is number one"

One more year has passed, sills were rewrapped in 2016, color did not fade. The wrap is still looking good.

Full wrapping of Toyota Chaser with TeckWrap Emerald green matte chrome