Spend Extra 30 Minutes Helping Vinyl Prevent UV Pollution



The fascination of vinyl wrap film has drawn many to people into practice, because unlike paint, it is like an outfit that you can change whenever you want. However, sometimes people get frustrated as they realize a car wrap does not last as it is supposed to be. This happens particularly in areas that have high UV radiation or are affected by crazy weather.


But here is a great solution, which can help new prevent new vinyl wrap film from UV and weather pollution, and protect it to last longer: All you need is to apply a ceramic pro and vinyl-based coating product to the finish when the install is done.


To start, first degrease the vinyl wrap film (it can be either color change wrap or full print wrap) with a 70% isopropyl alcohol in order to remove any left-behind residue. And add 20 to 30 drops of ceramic pro and vinyl-based coat to a glue applicator.


For application, the trick is to take a crosshatching wiping pattern to ensure full coverage. Make sure you have a 360-degree loop around the section, otherwise, there might be excess product left on the outside of the section, which will affect the final result.


Start with the roof first. If you are the only installer who is doing this, you can get half done first, but be sure to handle the rest immediately.  If you leave the other side for too long, the ceramic product will leave a permanent line on the wrap.


After applying, use a highly absorbent microfiber towel to wipe over right away so that you can remove all the excess product – Slow down if you come across with recessed area so that every gap can be completely filled. And be sure you overlap the two sides so that there is no gap in the vinyl wrap film.


As soon as the roof is done, you can move on to the hood by using the same technique. For every new section you apply, do not forget to reload the applicator with five to 10 drops of the ceramic product.


When you move on to the door section, pay extra attention to the area around the handle, particularly the cup. Just make sure you have full coverage, as it is easy to spot the difference in this section.


The ceramic pro and vinyl-based product is applicable for plastic as well. So if ever the vehicle has a section that is made of plastic, for instance, the door handle or the mirror, you can refresh it with this product as well.


It would take one installer 30 to 45 minutes to finish this post-production. And the cure time is one hour. But it is totally worthy. The vinyl wrap film that is covered with one layer of the product is apparently more outstanding than one without coating.


And it will help protect the wrap and make it more durable. For wrap lovers who are based in high UV radiation areas, this is something you should definitely try out.

Spend Extra 30 Minutes Helping Vinyl Prevent UV Pollution