Make Cut on Vinyl Wrap Film on Vehicle with No Risk


There are times when you have to wrap with a vinyl wrap film that has white edges, which have not been trimmed off, for example, a full print film. It is quite tricky to cut it off beforehand when the material is aggressive because there is a high chance that your cut will end up not being straight.


However, it is always risky to cut a vinyl wrap film directly on the body (if not beforehand) – unless you have a Knifeless Tape. Neither ways are not necessarily safe. Which one would you risk?


Don’t worry, here is a perfect and simple trick to help you solve the problem in the most efficient way when you do not even have Knifeless Tape. All you need is a scrap backing paper.


Sometimes it is best to trim out the edge of a panel directly on the body. Here is a good technique that works without having to cut directly on the paint and without Knifeless Tape.


When you apply the vinyl wrap film to the surface, take a straight backing paper and line it up to the area of the white edge that you need to cut off. Secure the backing paper piece with magnets and make sure it does not move.


And you can then pull the film up to let the backing paper slide underneath the area, exactly where you want to cut out. Once it is done, use your squeegee to squeegee down the material onto the backing paper.


When everything is ready, do the final step to cut away the white edge with a sharp knife and light touch, then pull the excess film away, and you would have successfully made a safe cut on the body of the vehicle with no risk.


Make Cut on Vinyl Wrap Film on Vehicle with No Risk