How to Remove Adhesive on Top of Vinyl Wrap Film

Often times, when an installer tries to remove a vinyl wrap film from a vehicle, there might be adhesive leftover. And what they would do is to use adhesive promoter to soften those residues, and scrape it off with a plastic scraper.


However, if the left-over adhesive is sticking on a finished wrap (for example, if they came from stripes), this becomes another story. You should never use adhesive promoter in this case, because doing this will compromise the vinyl wrap film underneath. And you surely cannot use scraper either, otherwise, you will scratch the film. 


So what can you do about it in this circumstance? - TeckWrap uses safe solvent-based acrylic adhesive so that the vinyl wrap film is easy to remove, but just in case you will need this following technique:


The best and proper way to deal with the left-over adhesive on top of a vinyl wrap film is to apply high-quality masking tapes on top of those residues, heat it up a little bit, and the adhesive will be softened.


Once you have come to this step, you can then simply pull the masking tape one by one away. Just make sure you pull steadily. The left-over adhesive will go off as you pull. If the area of adhesive residue is too big, and the adhesive did not go off completely as you pull, you can come back to the left-over spot after pulling off the tape and use the masking tape to press on the adhesive several times until it eventually goes off.


By using this method, the adhesive residue will be cleaned up, and the vinyl wrap film underneath will not be damaged. The performance of masking tapes might vary. But the general trick is the same: apply masking tapes on the adhesive residue, heat it up and soften the adhesive, then pull off the tape steadily. The adhesive will come off clean for you.

How to Remove Adhesive on Top of Vinyl Wrap Film