This Combination of Techniques Helps You Achieve Better Result with Vinyl Wrap Film

Wrapping the front of a hood can always be a demonstration in terms of the importance of making relief cut, reading the material, and creating triangles all together during vinyl wrap film install. When you combine these techniques properly and well enough, you will be able to achieve a faster installation process, with a high quality and durability finish.


Here is how it works:


Before working on the vinyl wrap film, it is good to first take a look at the section that you are wrapping, here, particularly, the front of the hood. You might want to take a good observation to check out if there are any curvy areas that you should pay attention to.


Next, because when wrapping the front of a hood, the vinyl wrap film usually tends to grab the front light, which would pull the material up and create tension. So the first practical move you have to make now is to make a 45-degree angle relief cut away from where you are working on. This will relax the vinyl and the material gets to just lie on the car without tension.


This will work the same for the other side of the front hood as well. When there is bunching-up near the front light, make a relief cut and the material will flatten down.


Once the relief cuts are made, it is not really the time to read the material – If what you did at first is just a rough reading, this time is to read thoroughly, figuring out where there will be the most tension and the vinyl wrap film tend to bunch up.


When there is the most tension, there should be a triangle technique. The ultimate goal is to use the shape of a triangle and create glass there.


What the installers has to do at this point is to work away from the triangle, pick the material up, and squeegee away at a 45-degree angle point by point until everything becomes flat.


By using the combination of these techniques, there is no more tension, and you do not even need a heat gun. You would achieve a high-quality finish. And the vinyl is neither overstretched nor distorted. Its durability is promising. So it is definitely a perfect way to save you time, protect you from problems, and increase the quality of your work.


This Combination of Techniques Helps You Achieve Better Result with Vinyl Wrap Film