Replace Stripe with Vinyl Wrap Film


Some people like to wrap up their vehicles fully, even add up a bit of decor, while others tend to do it partially. Whichever case, there are times when a wrapper has to replace old stripe pieces on a vehicle with another piece of vinyl wrap film that is in the same size and same shape.


This is usually not difficult work. You will get it done, no matter how. But consider that you would have to do the measurement, advance cutting, and all that, it can take you a very long time to finish the job, depending on what kind of section you have to put on with the vinyl wrap film stripe.


Here is a great trick that can help you save those time – All you need is a Design Line.


When replacing an old stripe piece with vinyl wrap film, do not rush to remove the old film. But first, clean up the paint surface that is around the area, and dry it up.


Putting a Design Line on top of the edge of the old stripe piece, with the edge of the green tape overlapping the edge of the stripe. There is no need to be stressed because of overthinking at this point, but just use the Design Line to follow the line of the old piece.


As soon as the Design Line is set, you can now pull off the old stripe piece and prep the surface for the new material – As the area was covered by the stripe, it should not be hard to clean. Just wipe it over with alcohol, and make sure there is no adhesive residue.


When ready, apply the new vinyl wrap film onto the surface and do the wrapping as normal. Once it is well-formed, release the string of the Design Line. When you pull it out, make sure you do it low and perpendicular all the way through, then pull off the green tape and the excess material as well.


Seal the edge, and you would then achieve a new replacement of stripe in the exact same size and shape by now with no stress. Hopefully, this tip will help improve your work efficiency. Happy wrapping!

Replace Stripe with Vinyl Wrap Film