Precisely Cut Around Raised Objects on Vinyl Wrap Film


Are you still frustrated every time when you come across with raised object when wrapping with vinyl wrap film? Raised objects are unavoidable during any install. But as always, there are ways to solve problems for vinyl wrapping. And here is one simple, creative but very useful method that will help you on this issue.


To use this technique, you will first need to get a small tool that is widely used by constructors – a contour gauge. This is a tool that will help record the cross-sectional shape of a surface accurately.


Once you get the shape of part of the raised object you need to wrap around with vinyl wrap film, you can trace it out on the material. When you have marked down everything you need for this object, you can make a very precise cut just on the cutting table before wrapping. And when you apply the vinyl wrap film to the vehicle, you will be able to make a very accurate and clean wrap, which is right to the edge of the object.


There are various sizes for the contour gauge. Some are very small, while others are big. Choosing a 10-inch one should be enough for car wrapping. This will certainly come in very handy when you have to wrap around objects like door handles, antennas, and hinges…


If you have not used this method before, or you did not even know there is such a helpful tool, try it out and see what it brings out. Happy wrapping!

Precisely Cut Around Raised Objects on Vinyl Wrap Film