Perfect Full Coverage under Headlights with Vinyl Wrap Film


When wrapping bumper with vinyl wrap film, especially when it comes to wrapping under the headlights, it can be quite challenging – particularly when you are doing a color change on a light color vehicle (for instance, a white car) for full coverage.


But here is a good solution to save you from spending too much time as well as potential troubles: Using the help from Bridgeline Tape.  


Bridgeline Tape is an extra-wide knifeless tape. It can not only be used on headlights but also sections like fender and hood. With the help of it, you will have about one-centimeter extra material that you can cut on the side of the light.


Another great thing about Bridgeline Tape is that the wide green film on the tape will help you lower the surface energy, and prevent the vinyl wrap film from sticking onto the headlight during the install.


Apply the Bridgeline Tape to the headlight along the outline of the light. Make sure that you take your time and make it smooth as well as symmetrical, especially around the corner, because the tape is thick and you have to pay more attention there. As soon as you finish forming, leave at least 10 centimeters for the extra tape on either side, and cut it off.


Now you can apply the vinyl wrap film to the bumper in a standard way. The key is to make the material even, form it to the edge, and create as much glass as you can. Give it a bit of heat to relax the film, and get it to the edge of the bumper, as well as to the edge of the light.


Once this is done, you can now pull off the Bridgeline, as well as the excess film. It is all about squeegeeing down and sealing the material now. Do now remove the green film of the Bridgeline Tape yet though, as it helps you lower the surface energy.


Take your time and use the hard part of your squeegee to glide the material in, and even out the wrinkles. This is where you have to be extra cautious because once the material folds on itself, it is very difficult for you to pick up and re-do at this point.


As soon as the bumper is fully and well wrapped, you can remove the green tape at last.


By now, you would have achieved a high-quality bumper without having to spend too much time (e.g. no need to remove the headlights and put them back) or getting frustrated (e.g. if you do it as normal, when you make a cut at the end of the light, the film might end up coming short).


Hope this tip has inspired you for a little bit. Happy wrapping!

Perfect Full Coverage under Headlights with Vinyl Wrap Film