No Risk Wrapping Around Antenna with Vinyl Wrap Film


When wrapping a roof with antenna using vinyl wrap film, it can always be tricky. One single mistake can be fatal enough for you to make a costly re-do. But if you can create a template beforehand, it can be another story.


Some might say this is still risky because the measurement needs to be perfectly correct to create a precise template. And no one can afford to waste up a whole panel of vinyl wrap film because of any wrong measurement.


Here is an excellent solution for you to avoid this kind of risk. All you need is to prepare a few pieces of scrap material from leftover vinyl wrap film, a marker, and a gear tie.


Run the gear tie around the antenna to create the shape of it. And take this shape onto a piece of scrap material. Trace out both the outside and inside line of the gear tie on the liner with your marker, as you might need to be a few adjustments to make it a precise template.


Cut the shape out – If you cut out along the outside line first, the hole might be too big for the antenna. But it is all about trying and making it as precise as possible during this time.


With this method, it will not cost you anything as you are using scraps. Just be patient to come up with the most fitting template before the actual application, which will usually take only a few minutes.


Do not cut on the actual panel until you get it perfectly right. Once you have created a precise template, put masking tape on the antenna to lower the surface energy, and you are ready to work on the roof, which certainly will no longer be that much frustrating by now.


By creating a fitting template beforehand, you can finish wrapping the roof much faster, and the vinyl wrap film is going to fit in properly and tight. The most important thing is that this method will save you from a lot of potential problems. Thus, it is quicker, with high quality as well as long durability, and safe.


Give it a try if you have not. Happy wrapping!
No Risk Wrapping Around Antenna with Vinyl Wrap Film