How to Choose Cut Vinyl Wrap Film According to Your Need

Cut vinyl wrap film has been one of the highlights at a lot of sign shows, and it is widely used in lots of vehicle wrapping projects. Thus, understanding how cut vinyl wrap film works the best is a must for installers.


There are calendared cut vinyl film and the cast one. And it is especially crucial to be clear about when to use which one.


When you need to apply cut vinyl wrap film on flat surfaces, the proper choice is to use calendared cut vinyl, because it is not as flexible as the cast one. However, when you are handling a curvy section, the best option is to go for cast cut vinyl.


At times when your wrapping project is for a long term, which will be exposed in the sun a lot, considering the properties of both calendared and cast film, you should be applying with cast cut vinyl as well.


In short, when it comes to the selection of the type of cut vinyl wrap film, an installer has to make his decision according to the section as well as the time length of the install project:


Generally, calendared cut vinyl is good for flat surface, as well as short and medium-term install, while cast cut vinyl is best for curvy section and long-term install.
How to Choose Cut Vinyl Wrap Film According to Your Need