Golden Trick Combining with Cold Pre-Stretch Technique for Vinyl Wrapping


To wrap up corners with vinyl wrap film, the most common technique is to cold pre-stretch, create triangles, and make relief cut. But here is another trick. With this method combined, you will achieve a high-quality finish even much easier.

This trick is to shake the vinyl wrap film up and relax it once you have applied the panel onto the surface, instead of pulling it down straight away or use heat. For a multi-layer film, using heat is risky as it might overstretch the film. But by just shaking it, the material can be relaxed, and you can wrap it farther as you pull afterward.

Let’s take a hood as an example. Wrinkles will come up as soon as you apply the material onto the surface because there is tension, especially at the corners. Before picking the vinyl wrap film up again and creating triangles, shake the film from side to side.

By doing this, the tension at the corner will spread and even out. Sharp wrinkles will then become mild. As the tension is shifted out already, you can now pick the film up, create triangles, and pull. Combining the shaking technique with cold pre-stretch is going to make your job much easier.

If you pick back up the material and pull straight away, you might overstretch it as you pull hard. But with this shaking, you can keep the stretch within three percent without pressure. The best part about shaking is that it keeps the integrity of the film. Thus, it increases long term durability as well.

So next time, when you have to use the cold pre-stretch technique, do not forget to try out this trick to shake the film up, and shake the tension out. It will make your job much easier and much quicker. Most importantly, it gives you a promising high-quality and long durability result with no risk.

Golden Trick Combining with Cold Pre-Stretch Technique for Vinyl Wrapping