Full coverage around headlights without removal

Mostly, there is a gap under each headlight of a vehicle, which can be tricky to get fully covered when wrapping. Some installers would bridge the vinyl wrap film over this gap, and cut on the side of the light.


In some cases, this can suit your purpose well enough, for example, some full print wrap jobs. But if it is a color change project, cutting on the side of the light will not leave you enough material to wrap around the gap. And the original color of the car will surely stand out in this case.


The safest way to get full coverage seems to be removing the headlight. However, this will lower your efficiency because it takes a lot of time and energy. A quicker and simpler way is to measure up the length of the gap first, and prepare enough material for it.


To do so, find a low-tack piece of film, slide it into the gap to the edge of the bumper, and fold from the outside to create a hinge. By now, this piece of film will show you how far the vinyl wrap film needs to go underneath.


Pick the low tack film back up from the gap, secure it over the gap and onto the surface of the light. Apply a Knifeless tape along the edge of the top edge of the low tack film (the edge on the surface of the light).


When the cutting tape is ready, you can apply the vinyl wrap film as usual. Set it well, and release the cutting tape, then remove the excess material. The extra material for the gap would be grabbing the light at this point. You can get it off this surface with your micro squeegee.


Use the hard part of your squeegee to glide the extra film under the light. And you have your full coverage now. If you have a wider Knifeless Tape like Bridge Line, you can do this even more easily. Check out our previous article Perfect Full Coverage under Headlights with Vinyl Wrap Film to learn more about it.
Full coverage around headlights without removal