Extend Lifespan of Full Print Vinyl Wrap with Aftercare Products



When speaking of aftercare products, many people might think they are only for color change vinyl wrap film, especially matte and chrome. But in fact, they can also be applied to full print vinyl, and can even extend the life of its graphics if it is already an old wrap.


Like color change vinyl wrap film, full print vinyl needs cleaning and maintenance regularly. Otherwise, specks and dirt will leave marks on the lamination. They will turn out to be quite challenging to clean up with normal cleaning method (e.g. with soap water) if this happened – Thus, it is important to clean up on a regular basis!


But if this is the case, which you have an old full print wrap that has been poorly maintained, those aftercare products in the market will give you great help. A heavy-duty cleaner with a microfiber towel, all those dirt that is embedded deeply will be gone (Just make sure you choose a product that is particularly made for vinyl so that it will not be too aggressive and damage the film).


Since it is quite an old vinyl wrap film, after this deep cleaning, you can take a sealer (once again, use one designed for vinyl that is safe enough), spray it onto the film and wipe with a microfiber towel. The graphics will be refreshed like it used to be.


These products can bring the old film back to life, making it clean and luster again. But even better, they help it last for another year.


Some might ask, if regular maintenance and cleaning are made, are these aftercare products still necessary? Normally, people use soap water, alcohol, or vinegar to do regular cleaning (depending on the vinyl wrap film), but neither of them can perform a “miracle” to extend the lifespan of a full print film like those aftercare products do.


Indeed, you will have to spend more maintaining the wrap with aftercare products. But it is certainly worthy. If you own a wrap shop, maybe you can try to explain it to a client next time, and you might be able to earn more with this extra service, as well as a satisfied customer.


Extend Lifespan of Full Print Vinyl Wrap with Aftercare Products